Anglo Indian Cornish Wedding, bride with henna, gold dress
Bridal henna feet and shins
Indian bride wearing mehndi for her wedding in Cornwall
wedding henna for an indian bride in st ives cornwall

Adorning the hands and feet of a bride with henna has been an integral part of wedding celebrations for thousands of years.


Cultures across South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa have used the natural dye to stain the palms and fingertips especially, representing good fortune and a joyful marriage.


As application techniques have been refined over the centuries, so the designs have become more elaborate and detailed with different regions developing distinct styles.

Bridal mehndi for LGBTQ British Indian wedding Devon Cornwall. Henna for lesbian brides by artist Red Hand Henna
Photo: @leztravelgirls
cornish bride wearing mehndi henna

Choose your mehndi look to complement your bridal style. Less is more or lavishly luxuriant? It's up to you! Contemporary brides have a wealth of tradition and modern trends to draw inspiration from.


Incoorporate motifs with personal resonance, adorn just your palms or stand out with a striking shoulder piece - your artist will work with you to create a bespoke design that enhances your natural beauty.


Boho alternative Cornish bride wearing wedding mehndi by Devon Cornwall based henna artist Red Hand Henna