maternity mehndi in cornwall

 Adorning a belly with natural mehndi is a beautiful way to bless and honour a pregnancy and treat a mother-to-be.


It can be enjoyed as a private session, gifting a woman precious time for herself at what can be an intensely emotional time of life. It can also be part of celebrations with family and friends who may wish to have a small mehndi design themselves! 


Every belly painting is unique. Designs can be created to include meaningful motifs and symbols that express the personality, beliefs and wishes of the family.


pregnancy henna in cornwall

  Natural henna, free from PPDs, is safe to use

whilst pregnant. The paste used for maternity henna is made with the most gentle recipe using organic henna powder, water, lavender essential oil and brown sugar. 


An appointment should be expected to take 3 hours for all but the most elaborate belly designs. Allow longer for baby showers where guests will have henna designs too.


A design should last for up to 10 days if cared for. If you are having proffessional photographs taken, the henna colour will be mature after 2-3 days so it is best to book your photographer around this time.


A maternity appointment usually takes around 3 hours and costs £150

If you have guests who would also like some henna I can either add an extra hour or two on the appointment time or guests can pay for individual designs.