festival henna tent

beautiful boho festival henna tent for travelling henna artist. natural mehndi body art at events around the UK

Hemma po Henna is a collaboration between Red Hand Henna and Crescent Henna. Our gorgeous yurt tent henna lounge will be touring festivals and events throughout the UK from May 2019.


Our appreciation and perception of the art as a holistic service contradicts our experience of seeing henna sold as "fast fashion”. Everything about henna requires patience. The careful mixing of the paste, the application of the design, allowing the paste to dry and caring for the stain while it develops all take time. The beauty is in the pattern but also in the broader experience and our space and approach is created with the intention to support this offering.


The Hemma po Henna haven is designed to invite relaxation and open up moments of calm and connection within the excitement of the festival. People are welcome to enjoy the pleasurable experience of an ancient form of body adornment while sitting in our sumptuously decorated parlour with the artists and others as the work unfolds.


hemma po henna festival henna tent. natural mehndi body art by travelling henna artist Red Hand Henna and Crescent Henna

Past events:


Yoga Hub Fest

May 2019


How The Light Gets In

Many 2019


The Barefoot Ball

July 2019


Port Eliot Festival

July 2019


Wilderness Festival

August 2019


Shambala Festival

August 2019